This is the latest news!

Welcome to Alkanna’s blog! Thi space has been created with the intention of being a meeting point to share with you my experiences in the world of natural dyes.

One of the parts of creative process that I like the most is the experimentation with plants and dyeing materials, many of them autochthonous, that I collect around the area, researching on their dyeing properties and obtaining, whenever possible, new shades. I find it very interesting and from there I will share with you the results.

I also want to show you the manufacturing process of my products, 100% handmade and bring you the charm of the craft, as well as many other aspects related to the dyeing process.

I hope I can convey my passion for the colors of nature, the crafts, the dyeing techniques, ans that you enjoy as much as I do, in this fascinating world of dyeing with natural dyes.

I would also love to receive your feedback about the web and my new image (some of you may have known me for a while) , so if you want to tell me what you think , just leave me a comment right here.