I’m a natural dyer, a creative soul and a lover of natural beauty.

The materials and products I use are natural and respectful of the environment.

Alkanna tinctoria is the name of a plant that can be found in the Mediterranean basin which is known by many names, such as the dyer’s alkanet or the traitor’s root, among others.

Alkanna not only represents the essence of my project as a dyer, it is also my identity on a personal level, it represents my roots, my Mediterranean origins and the place where my work is born and grows

Alkanna is born out of my need to create and manufacture products that do not damage the surroundings. My project is inspired in the great work done by the original cultures that created and dug deeper into the world of natural dyes, as well as printing and dye techniques.

Plants are, of course, fundamental in my creativity and plant dye literally changed my life. I am at my happiest when using my hands to create, spending time connecting with nature, whether this is gathering plants and flowers or simply in my studio dyeing materials.

I have always been an artisan, constantly experimenting, and I have come to the conclusion that the simplest, the most basic, natural and original is what I really love and this incredible essence allows me to create items that area truly unique.

All my products are hand made with materials such as silks, linen and natural cotton, many of which are ecological. Materials with their own personality, absolutely unique, created step by step, thanks to dye and print techniques. This is why no two are the same!!!

Just like the dyes and prints that I do, all produce is hand crafted as each piece is hand rolled and sewn, including scarves, foulards and bags.

As you can see, all my creations breathe simplicity and nature as many of the natural dyes I use come from a range of local flowers or vegetables, such as pine tree bark, rosemary, purple morning glory, fresh leaves and petals from trees and flowers such as chamomile, bay leaves and walnut.

My creative mind and my passion for colour means that I am always on the lookout for new materials to make new creations and colours to surprise my customers.