Since I started dyeing until now I have changed many habits in the naturally dyeing process to try to make it as sustainable as possible. Some of them are small details, but very significant and make a difference.

  • I use less water to wash the tissues and to make the dyes, and I reuse it whenever I can.
  • I reuse the dyes, I dye several things and I get less intense shades, and I also use them to dye the ties for Alkanna packaging, which you already know is also eco.
  • Saving energy by always using lid for pots and heating water faster. Now I have achieved a saving of time and energy with this small detail.
  • The sunny days I leave the dyes to the sun with the fabrics inside and keep the heat without needing to be using energy. Solar dyeing is a great option, which I love and is more sustainable.
  • I use as few mordants and dye plants as possible, which are a natural resource that should not be wasted.
  • When I go to collect plants I just take the right amount I need, and first I pick up what is on the ground ( leaves, flowers…).

By changing these small actions, I have managed to make the process of pre mordating the tissues, the extraction of the color of the dyeing plants and the natural dyeing process more sustainable which is one of Alkanna’s primary objectives.

I am convinced that together we can achieve a better planet, with our actions and decisions. I will continue to learn and improve my habits to care the environment.

And you, have you made any changes in your day-to-day life to help take care of our planet? I would love to know your ideas and small actions!.